New Player Chunks : Winning The Race War

As a new player in the EvE universe the first meaningful choice you’re presented can be a big one, and one you may want to research a little before you make the leap. This choice carries more weight now that Alpha Clones are a thing since Alphas are locked into their own race of ships and certain race specific skills. In this New Player Chunk i’ll try to shed some light on the differences between the 4 playable races in EvE along with some personal thoughts we can all fight over later.



The generic religious zealots. They enslaved the Minmatar once so now there’s mutual hatred. The lore makes very little difference to gameplay so we’ll move swiftly on. For more info regarding the Amarr storyline look HERE. Most of their shiny golden ships look like a dick or the popes hat in some way so.. there’s that. They primarily use lasers though some hulls do very well with a missile or drone bonus.

I have a soft spot for Amarr ships. Lasers use capacitor energy as ammo and use various crystals to modify damage & range. Reloads (crystal changes) happen instantly which give the Amarr quite an edge when it comes to applying optimal damage at varying ranges. Lasers track poorly but maintain their good damage further out than other forms of turret meaning that with thoughtful piloting the Amarr can be extremely dangerous, out ranging comparable hardware from other races. Nobody loves a massive armor brick tank like the Amarr. Their ships are famous for huge armor “Buffer Tanks” (Loads of HP & resists with no on-board repairs) and aside from a very few highly specialized cases will not be fitting any shield modules. 

It’s my opinion that people who learn the game flying Amarr ships are likely to end up becoming slightly better more disciplined pilots, purely due to the extra difficulty of relying on Capacitor for everything. You have to learn to fit carefully and make sacrifices that aren’t so necessary with other races, but in trade you get to look down your nose at everyone from the cockpit of your massive golden e-peen. Laser hulls are notoriously vulnerable to capacitor warfare, and as such care must be taken when fitting and choosing fights.



The generic war like barbarian race. They were once enslaved by the Amarr so now there is mutual hatred. For more information on the backstory of the Minmatar look HERE. Minmatar ships look generally rusty and there’s a long running joke that they’re held together with duck tape. Minmatar use primarily Projectile turrets though many of their hulls also allow for Missile hardpoints.

Minmatar ships are generally highly menouverable and quite unpredictable. An inside joke from a long time back was to call them the “Winmatar” because of how powerful a lot of their ships were in PvP. A lot of balance sweeps have occurred since then and nobody really says Winmatar anymore, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re in any way underpowered these days. Projectile turrets and missile launchers take no capacitor to fire which is a HUGE strength against capacitor warfare. Projectiles also have the bonus of great tracking (Autocannons), huge falloff and massive volley damage (Artillery). The extra falloff range means Minmatar ships tend to be more forgiving of poor piloting / range keeping than the other turret types. One very interesting thing about Minmatar hulls is the potential for different tanking solutions. While the other races tend to have a prefered method of tanking with a slot layout / hull bonus to match, Minmatar tend to have a fairly even ratio of midslots to lowslots. The practical upshot of this is that Minmatar ships can often choose between armor or shield tanking. This slight unpredictability when facing Minmatar hardware should not be underestimated. Minmatar ships don’t tend to tank so hard as the other races much of the time, but they are generally quite fast and maneuverable making them an excellent choice for speed based nano gangs (Speed Tanking) and kiting strategies. Minmatar are fast, scrappy and fun to fly. They don’t have very many huge flaws that i can think of and a lot of their hulls are amazing. Nuff said really.



The generic high tech corporate race. Once lost their home planet to the Gallente Federation who they have historically been at war with. For more information on the backstory of the Caldari look HERE. The Caldari are shield tankers almost exclusively and tend to favor missiles as a main weapons platform, though many of their hulls also make excellent use of both Hybrid Turrets and Drones. Missile / Drone bonus’ along with native shield bonus’ (Passive Recharge) tend to make Caldari hulls a common go-to for easy mode PvE such as lvl4 missions or anomoly ratting.

The Caldari share a few Hybrid Turret bonus’ with the Gallente but for the most part will specialize in the use of missiles. Missiles take no capacitor to fire and as such the Caldari can be considered a lot more resistant to capacitor warfare than some other races. The Drake battlecruiser was once a tanking superstar, to the point where it was essentially all anyone ever flew for a long time. Much like the Minmatar however, balance changes had a major impact on the Caldari fleet. Swapping a bit of tank for a bit more DPS brought the Drake in line with the rest of EvE’s battlecruiser selection and it still enjoys a decent spot as an early to mid level missile-brick. Caldari use armor even less than the Amarr use shields and slot layout for Caldari hulls reflects this by having next to no lowslots and shed loads of midslots. Caldari are the race I personally have the least experience with, however they are very common among both the PvE and PvP crowds. Missiles function very differently to turrets, replacing tracking and optimal range figures with stats like explosion radius and explosion velocity. These stats are compared to the target’s size and speed for a final damage figure. This means that while a missile (as long as target is in range) cannot really miss it’s target, rather it just won’t do near as much damage to a target much smaller or faster than the missile’s intended target range. A good example is a torpedo (big missile) hitting a fast moving frigate (small fast target). The torpedo will do almost no damage at all, where as the same missile hitting a battleship size target that isn’t moving will do a LOT more damage. I’ll go into weapon systems in more depth another time but since i don’t fly Caldari much i thought i’d use that info to artificially pad this section..



The generic democratic militaristic power. Historically at war with the Caldari. For more information on the backstory of the Gallente look HERE. Gallente ships are generally designed for active armor tanking (high resists and lower overall HP, using onboard repairs to tank damage) although several of their hulls have seen great success using a shield setup. They excel at close up damage as well as drone warfare and these somewhat opposing strengths make the Gallente extremely viable in almost any situation.

It’s common to see Gallente drone bonused hulls filling all their highslots with energy neutralizers, leaving damage application down to drones alone. This is an extremely successful strategy in PvP combat and makes almost any drone bonused hull well viable for a fight with another player. For PvE the emphasis on drone use fits perfectly into lvl4 mission running with many players effectively running missions AFK in the past. Changes to NPC AI over the past few years has done a lot to prevent this however which can only be a good thing. The Gallente fleet boasts some of the highest DPS sub capital hulls in the game and their T3 cruiser the Proteus is the only one to maintain easily solo viable DPS when covert fit. The armor repair bonus of the Incursus (Gallente Frigate) allows for duel rep fittings that combined with it’s speed and size allow it an active tank like that of a small cruiser. I consider the Gallente to be an excellent choice for anyone, though the very short range of their high damage weapon system (Blasters) does force gallente brawlers to fight literally nose to nose.


At the time of writing my regular line up consists of mostly Gallente hulls with a few Minmatar thrown in. Aside from the Armageddon battleship I’m not really using many Amarr hulls but I love them like a geeky hobby. Caldari I tend to ignore because when I first started playing they were associated with PvE and I didn’t like shields.

It’s important to remember a good pilot can be deadly in any race of ship.

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